volvo 240 electrical wiring diagram Volvo, Wiring Diagram, Wiring Diagram Third Level 13 Cleaver Volvo, Electrical Wiring Diagram Pictures

13 Cleaver Volvo, Electrical Wiring Diagram Pictures

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Cleaver Volvo, Electrical Wiring Diagram Pictures - 1/1 battery 2/2 relay, the front foglights america/cdn 2/3 regulator dim-dip 2/four intermittent relay, windshield wipers 2/five relay, seat belt reminder/ignition key caution 2/6 pass relay 151 2/7 imperative locking relay 2/eight overdrive relay 2/10 strength unit ecc 2/11 relay, engine cooling fan 2/12 relay, radio interference suppression 2/thirteen relay, gas injection (mfi) 2/14 relay, glowplug mechanism 2/15 relay, exhaust fuel temperature sensor 2/16 intermittent tailgate wiper relay 2/18 temporary protector, abs 2/34 relay, front foglights 2/36 headlight flasher 2/37 headlight relay 2/38 timer relay, exhaust fuel recirculation (egr) 2/45 relay, p-shift lock 2/49 relay, rear foglights 2/50 skip relay, excessive beam 3/1 ignition lock 3/2 mild transfer 3/four cruise control operation 3/5 switch, flip sign/excessive-low beam three/6 transfer, danger warning flashers three/7 foglight switch three/eight-1 transfer, heated rear window 3/8-2 transfer with timer relay, heated rear window/door mirrors three/nine brake light transfer 3/10 backup (reversing) light transfer three/12 switch, windshield wash/wipe three/thirteen transfer, tailgate wash/wipe 3/14 transfer, lock button 3/15 strength window transfer, driver's door for driving force's door 3/sixteen energy window switch, motive force's door for driver's aspect rear door 3/17 strength window transfer, driving force's door for passenger's aspect the front three/18 power window switch, driver's door for passenger's aspect rear three/19 strength window transfer, driving force's side rear three/20 strength window switch, passenger's facet front three/21 energy window switch, passenger's facet rear three/22 transfer for rear electricity window lifts three/23 switch for energy door replicate, driver's side three/24 transfer for power door reflect, passenger's side 3/25 transfer for electricity sunroof three/26 operating module, driving force's seat 3/27 running module, passenger's seat three/28 transfer for heated driving force's seat three/29 switch for heated passenger's seat three/31 door transfer, driver's door three/32 door switch, passenger's facet front 3/33 door switch, driver's aspect rear three/34 door transfer, passenger's aspect rear 3/35 door switch, tailgate (5-door estate) three/36 switch, glove compartment three/37 horn contacts three/38 switch, brake pedal 3/39 switch, snatch pedal three/forty start inhibit switch, automatic transmission three/forty two-1 activate transmission three/42-2 oil pressure sensor, kick-down valve three/43 transfer in equipment lever three/forty four seat belt lock, motive force's seat three/47 parking brake switch 3/50 throttle function (tp) transfer 3/fifty two transfer for strength antenna 3/59 beam width control three/sixty six idle air manipulate (iac) control, egr three/70 thermostat setting three/78 lock unit, tailgate four/1 overheating protector, driver's seat four/2 overheating protector, passenger's seat four/three control module, cruise manipulate 4/4 rheostat 4/five safety circuit, srs (airbag) four/6 manage module, ecc four/nine sensor module, srs (airbag) 4/10 manipulate module ez-k (di) device 4/15 electricity amplifier, ez-ok (di) gadget 4/sixteen control module abs 4/23 manage module lh-jetronic 2.Four (mfi) device 4/25 control module regina (mfi) system 4/26 power amplifier/ignition coil rex-i (di) system 4/29 control module driver's seat 4/forty / controls, mcc 4/42 manipulate module rex-i (di) machine 4/43 heater controls 5/1 combined instrument five/3 ambient temperature sensor 6/1 windshield wiper motor 6/2 washer motor, front 6/three right headlight wiper motor 6/4 left headlight wiper motor 6/five valuable locking motor, passenger's side the front 6/6 relevant locking motor, passenger's side rear 6/7 important locking motor, driver's facet rear 6/eight valuable locking motor, tailgate 6/nine window lift motor driver's door 6/10 window carry motor motive force's side rear 6/eleven window lift motor passenger's side front 6/12 window elevate motor passenger's side rear 6/thirteen electricity door reflect, driving force's facet 6/14 energy door replicate, passenger's aspect 6/15 motor power sunroof 6/sixteen motor motive force's seat backrest 6/17 motor up-down, front fringe of motive force's seat 6/18 motor up-down, rear fringe of driving force's seat 6/19 motor fore-aft, motive force's seat 6/24 vacuum, cruise control 6/25 starter motor 6/26 generator 6/27 servo motor, throttle control 6/28 cabin fan motor 6/29 engine cooling fan 6/30 washer motor, tailgate 6/31 gas pump 6/32 tailgate wiper motor 6/33-1 gas level sensor/primer pump 6/33-2 gasoline degree sensor/pump 6/34 strength antenna 6/35 parking heater 6/36 important locking motor, driver's facet the front 6/38 actuator, left 6/39 actuator, right 7/4 brake fluid level sensor 7/5 washing machine fluid degree sensor 7/6 oil strain sensor 7/7 engine coolant temperature () sensor 7/nine engine coolant temperature () sensor, ecc 7/10 cabin temperature sensor 7/eleven ambient temperature sensor 7/12 solar sensor 7/14 thermostat, engine cooling fan 7/15 heated oxygen sensor (h02s) 7/sixteen engine coolant temperature () sensor, fuel/ignition (mfi/di) machine 7/17 mass air glide (maf) sensor 7/24 knock sensor (ks) 7/25 engine pace (rpm) sensor 7/26 pressure sensor, egr 7/28 engine coolant temperature () sensor, diesel 7/30 strain sensor for price pressure, turbodiesel 7/31 sensor, abs left the front 7/32 sensor, abs right front 7/33 sensor, car velocity and abs 7/34 thermoelement, 3-way catalytic converter (twc) 7/37 temperature sensor, egr 7/38 low-velocity stress sensor, engine cooling fan 7/forty high-speed strain sensor, engine cooling fan 7/forty one high-stress, a/c 7/forty three thermostat, driver's seat 7/forty four thermostat, passenger's seat 7/forty seven %-resistor, air pre-heating 7/50 pressure sensor, intake manifold 7/52 temperature sensor, consumption air 7/53 low-strain sensor, a/c 7/sixty nine ambient temperature sensor 7/75 bulb failure sensor eight/1 working solenoid, overdrive 8/2 solenoids, ecc 8/3 solenoid coupling, a/c eight/5 idle air control (iac) valve 8/6-nine injection valves 8/13 gasoline valve, diesel eight/15 hydraulic unit, abs 8/17 converter, egr eight/24 3-way valve, egr 8/30 steering wheel module, srs (airbag) eight/33 igniter for driving force's facet seat belt tensioner 8/34 igniter for passenger's aspect seat belt tensioner eight/36 solenoid p-shift lock 8/forty two solenoid, pulsed secondary air injection (pair) nine/1 cigar lighter nine/2 heated rear window 9/three heater detail, driving force's seat backrest nine/4 heater detail, passenger's seat backrest 9/5 heater element, driving force's seat cushion nine/6 heater detail, passenger's seat cushion 10/5 left the front foglight 10/6 right front foglight 10/eleven left the front parking mild 10/12 proper front parking light 10/13 left front flip sign 10/14 proper the front flip sign 10/15 left turn sign repeater (now not u.S.A./Cdn) 10/16 proper turn signal repeater (not u.S./Cdn) 10/19 more brake mild 10/20 left variety plate light 10/21 proper wide variety plate light 10/22 roof mild 10/24 trunk light 10/25 roof light, load location (5-door) 10/29 glove compartment light 10/30 door-open warning mild, driver's door 10/31 door-open caution mild, the front passenger's side 10/32 door-open warning light, rear driving force's facet 10/33 door-open caution light, rear passenger's side 10/34 warning light, rear seat belts 10/36 manage panel lighting 10/38 ashtray lights, rear 10/39 transfer lighting, seat heater 10/40 tools selector lighting 10/forty three right brake light 10/44 proper parking mild, rear 10/45 proper parking/tail light 10/46 proper rear foglight 10/47 bulb, right rear turn sign 10/forty eight right backup (reversing) light 10/50 left brake mild 10/51 left parking mild, rear 10/52 left parking/tail light 10/fifty three left rear foglight 10/54 bulb. Left rear flip sign 10/55 left backup (reversing) light 10/64 right high beam 10/65 right extra important beam 10/66 proper low beam 10/sixty eight left excessive beam 10/sixty nine left extra excessive beam 10/70 left low beam 10/72 ashtray lights, the front 10/seventy four indicator light, exhaust gas temperature 10/75 indicator light, fee pressure, turbodiesel 10/76 indicator mild, diesel preheating 10/77 indicator mild, srs (airbag) 10/seventy eight indicator light, seat belt 10/seventy nine indicator mild, overdrive (vehicle.)/Tools selection indicator 10/eighty indicator mild, overdrive (guy.) 10/eighty two indicator light, abs 10/83 indicator mild, parking brake 10/84 indicator light, brake warning 10/eighty five indicator mild, excessive beam 10/86 indicator light, oil stress 10/87 indicator mild, charge 10/88 indicator light, bulb failure 10/89 indicator mild, rear foglights 10/90 indicator mild, washing machine fluid degree 10/91 carrier indicator 10/92 indicator mild, trailer 10/ninety three indicator mild, malfunction indicator lamp (mil) 10/ninety four indicator mild, proper flip sign 10/95 indicator mild, left flip signal 10/ninety six instrument lights 10/103 switch lighting fixtures, heated rear window/door mirrors 10/104 transfer lighting 10/112 arrogance mirror lighting 11/1-26 fuses 11/41 fuse, combined instrument 15/1 positive terminal 15/2 30-rail in el. Distribution unit 15/nine fuse-covered 15-rail in el. Distribution unit sixteen/1 radio sixteen/2 amplifier sixteen/three loudspeaker, right the front door 16/4 loudspeaker, left the front door sixteen/five loudspeaker, right rear door sixteen/6 loudspeaker, left rear door sixteen/7 loudspeaker, instrument panel, right side sixteen/eight loudspeaker, tool panel, left side sixteen/9 antenna sixteen/10 horn 1 16/eleven horn 2 sixteen/15 cd-changer 16/17 loudspeaker, rear parcel shelf, left facet 16/18 loudspeaker, rear parcel shelf, right facet 17/l provider socket for starter motor operation 17/11 obd diagnostic socket 17/14 take a look at socket for diagnosis of electricity seat 18/1 bridge connector 1 18/2 bridge connector 2 19/1 engine coolant temperature () gauge 19/2 rev. Counter (rpm gauge) 19/3 speedometer 19/four clock 19/five gas gauge 20/1 ignition coil 20/2 distributor 20/3-6 spark plugs 20/nine glowplugs 20/15 series resistance 20/18 cabin fan resistor 31/1 floor connector right front wing 31/2 ground connector left the front wing 31/3 floor connector frame (floor connection, battery-body) 31/four ground connector engine (ground connection, battery-engine) 31/5 floor connector for heated rear window (4-door) 31/6 floor connector left a-publish 31/nine floor connector at parking brake lever 31/10 ground connector proper a-post 31/eleven ground connector left tail mild 31/12 floor connector right tail light 31/13 ground connector in load area 31/sixteen floor connector at windshield wiper motor 31/17 floor connector at strength sunroof motor 31/26 ground connector, generator 31/28 floor connector at overdrive solenoid 31/31 ground connection rail in el. Distribution unit 31/32 floor connector on engine (power ground) 31/33 floor connector on engine (signal ground) 31/60 ground connector on engine (diesel) 31/63 ground connector at guidance column bracket 31/64 ground connector engine cooling fan c1 connector, fifty three-pin instrument panel harness - door sill harness c2 connector, fifty three-pin tool panel harness - left wheel housing harness c3 connector, 53-pin tool panel harness - proper wheel housing harness c5 connector, left a-publish, 2-pin c6 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, four-pin c7 connector, at steering column, 8-pin c9 connector, at middle console, 10-pin c11 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 4-pin c12 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 2-pin c13 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 4-pin c14 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 2-pin c15 connector, left a-put up, 4-pin c19 connector, at device panel, 2-pin c20 connector, underneath gear lever service, 1-pin or 2-pin c21 connector, left b-publish, 4-pin c22 connector, at tailgate, 6-pin (5-door) c23 connector, at tailgate, 2-pin (5-door) c24 connector, at greater brake light, 2-pin c25 connector, tailgate, 2-pin, (5-door) c27 connector, tailgate, 1-pin, (5-door) c29 connector, at driver's seat, four-pin c31 connector, at passenger's seat, 2-pin c32 connector, at driving force's seat, 2-pin c33 connector, under motive force's seat, 2-pin c34 connector, under passenger's seat, 2-pin c36 connector, underneath passenger's seat, 2-pin c37 connector, below driver's seat, 2-pin c39 connector, at driving force's seat, 4-pin c40 connector, at passenger's seat, four-pin c41 connector, below driver's seat, 6-pin c42 connector, below motive force's seat, 2-pin c50 connector, eight-pin left wheel housing harness - engine harness c51 connector, eight-pin left wheel housing harness - engine harness c54 connector, 8-pin proper wheel housing harness - engine harness c55 connector, 8-pin right wheel housing harness - engine harness c62 connector, at windshield wiper motor, 4-pin c63 connector, at left headlight, three-pin c64 connector, at proper headlight, three-pin c65 connector, driver's door, 6-pin c66 connector, passenger's door, 6-pin c72 connector, motive force's door, 2-pin c73 connector, passenger's door, 2-pin c74 connector, rear door driving force's aspect, 2-pin c75 connector, rear door passenger's aspect, 2-pin c76 connector, right a-submit, 2-pin c79 connector, motive force's door, 4-pin c84 connector, drivers door, 2-pin c85 connector, rear door driving force's aspect, 2-pin c86 connector, passenger's door, 2-pin c87 connector, rear door passenger's facet, 2-pin c88 connector, at switch, five-pin c89 connector, at sunroof motor, 2-pin c91 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 2-pin c92 connector, behind guidance wheel, 2-pin c93 connector, left rear wheel housing, 4-pin c98 connector, at power antenna, 4-pin c100 connector, left wheel housing, 2-pin c101 connector, right wheel housing, 2-pin c102 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 2-pin c103 connector, at firewall, 2-pin c104 connector, at firewall, 1-pin c105 connector on bridge connector 1, 2-pin c111 connector, at thermoelement, 2-pin c117 connector, 2-pin left wheel housing harness - engine harness c121 coupling reel, guidance wheel, srs (airbag) c123 connector to bridge connector 2, 2-pin c132 connector, eight-pin left wheel housing harness - engine harness c137 connector, four-pin proper wheel housing harness - engine harness c139 connector, at equipment selector, four-pin c143 connector, at a-post passenger's aspect, 24-pin c144 connector, at a-submit motive force's facet, 24-pin c149 connector, at b-put up passenger's aspect, eleven-pin c150 connector, at b-submit driving force's aspect, eleven-pin c154 connector, three-pin or 1-pin right wheel housing harness - engine cooling fan harness c155 connector, left a-submit, eight-pin c156 connector, at firewall, three-pin c157 connector, at el. Dist. Unit, 4-pin c160 connector, at instrument panel, 6-pin c161 connector, at firewall, 1-pin c162 connector, left b-publish, 2-pin c163 connector, at firewall, 2-pin (diesel) d1 connector, at instrument panel, 4-pin d2 connector, alarm, 8-pin at guidance column d3 connector, alarm, four-pin at steering column d4 connector, alarm, 2-pin in engine compartment, left the front d5 connector, towing hook, 10-pin (not u.S.A./Cdn) d7 connector, ambient temperature sensor, 6-pin.