twisted wire pendant light Bare Bulb Pendant Light -, or Brown Twisted Wire -, Rubbed Bronze Finish, Edison Light Bulb. $88.00,, Etsy. CHANGE, CORD 10 Nice Twisted Wire Pendant Light Photos

10 Nice Twisted Wire Pendant Light Photos

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Twisted Wire Pendant Light - Now not that i've ever heard of, and i've visible modern-day furnishings with up to 10 in a massive bunch - but you would possibly ask the electricians at your neighborhood hardware keep, just to be secure.

I suppose my uncle once advised me it become for the ground cord. The wires for your fuse field have a sleeve that's just like the brown paper luggage. He defined lots to me (together with the purpose they use a flammable cloth), however that become 8 years in the past, and i was on the whole there to call 911 if he electrocuted himself, so i used to be certainly anxious given how his day turned into going and the reality he was soaking wet from his previous restore gone wrong.

Considering the fact that no one answered this, i'll take a stab at it since it's a without a doubt properly query. I *think* that you would simply twist the same coloured cords together (black to black to black, white to white to white, for all three) then just twist every big black wire that you've created to the black one in the ceiling and do the equal for white. Twist on a few cord nuts and then cover with the ceiling mount/canopy. That's how i would possibly do it besides!.

This is not a fashion of light i like, however i love your images, your enthusiasm and your explanations. I read every word simply to revel in your voice. I'm so satisfied your lower back on right here posting your enthusiasm.

Yes, you may honestly join all 3; that's what we did on ours. It's typically as simple as connecting each of the three pendant's facet wires into the identical wire nut, however double test with the electrical guy at your neighborhood hardware store, simply to be safe.

Now not positive about the loopibg of the twine... Isn't it a piece... Flammable with cloth cords in a know with lots of energy going via? Additionally, for our pendant lighting fixtures we got regular lamps and simply took off the monitors. It's not cloth wire, of direction, but it looks adequate :).