red wire dimmer light switch Install Dimmer Switch (Single-Pole) 10 Popular Red Wire Dimmer Light Switch Solutions

10 Popular Red Wire Dimmer Light Switch Solutions

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Red Wire Dimmer Light Switch - I've the identical thing, however i have a white impartial and copper floor -- no trouble there. ?i just do not know the way to address connecting 3 wires ( black one pink) from the container to two wires on the brand new switch. ?. However my light switch has only wires which are each black. And one of the twine connects to a thumb screw, but the different one looks like it connects to that drilled in metallic piece.

Offered a lutron cl dimmer after googling around and seeing how smooth it's miles to put in a dimmer, however once i were given domestic and took a observe my mild transfer i'm no longer sure its well suited?. Bend the naked give up of the green cord into a hook. Loosen up the screw on the top of the field that holds the metallic cables in place. The positioned the floor cord hook round it, clockwise, so the stop of the twine will be on your proper. And tighten the screw back, keeping all the fiddly bits that were additionally being held down, as they have been.

Including to the confusion on this undertaking is that the dimmer can be used for both a unmarried pole transfer, or a 3 way transfer. (Kinda smart for sales, however frustrating wherein the guidelines are involved. Quote" i got the wemo light switch set up via connecting the red cord to one of the wemo black wires, connecting what seems to be the not unusual black cord to the wemo and just capping the leftover black wire that became within the field".

It's against code so i don't recommend it but the wemo can even paintings in case you join it's white to ground. ?to try this you'll need to use the black as the line, pink as go back, and you'd need to keep the opposite switch on all the time. ?this would be a further  code/safety violation if a 3 manner switch changed into required (as is most likely the case). Take the crimson wire nut, which you removed earlier, and twist together the five wires. 2 from the dimmer and three that had been already twisted collectively. The critical matters, the bare wires all contact, and also you can not see any bare cord outdoor of the cord nut.