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New Nest Combi Boiler Wiring Diagram Galleries - Sure properly achieved that guy! A task for an electrician absolutely, however wonderful elimination and “working it out” i would simply air word of warning to others in case you do join something incorrect you could at worst get an electric powered surprise, or blow something. Most more recent homes do have rcd protection which should lessen the chance of fatal electric powered shocks. But hats off pass for it. Just be assured you already know its proper as opposed to suppose its right.

The only element that i struggled with at some point of my set up changed into tracing wires that ran inside the partitions to recognize which of them i could effectively eliminate as with out electric trying out device this is extremely tough.

Once you realize the way to do the installation you can screw this base to the wall and use the non-obligatory trim plate to cowl any holes/rough edges – the nest display then genuinely pushes and clicks into this base.

I’m not positive if this will be the case on all programmers however luckily for me on the back of the unit there was a terminal key so i knew exactly what every of the existing wires and terminals have been doing – if this isn’t available on your programmer you can need to google it to pick out the motive of each terminal.

Hello alan, i’m no longer an electrician so i will’t offer professional recommendation here! That said i was just taking a glance and assuming your cord colours are proper and the red twine from 7 to the thermostat and yellow from sixteen to the thermostat is the stay/switched stay, bridging 6 and seven should complete the circuit if all thermostat wires are eliminated. Hello will, sounds such as you’re having similar problems to what i had. I had some failed attempts where my boiler would fireplace up temporarily after which close off. I then had problems with having primary heating however no hot water from the taps so i identified that the switches weren’t quite right somewhere inside the circuit. The first issue i would test is 1) have you introduced the extra power to factors 2 and five at the nest heatlink? 2) with regard to my old thermostat, in case you study my wiring diagram the antique thermostat (wire 6) had 4 wires coming out of it – inexperienced, blue and yellow dotted have been completely disconnected. The purple twine that ran from twine 7 to wire 6 (thru factor three on the electrical block – shown as dotted purple in my diagram) was then genuinely moved into factor 6 of the electric block. If you have the same y-plan set up as i had it may be that your wires are in specific positions within the block so that you might want to hint which wire is in which.