magnet wire gauge to mm 10 Beautiful Electrical Wire Size Chart In Mm 6 Popular Magnet Wire Gauge To Mm Images

6 Popular Magnet Wire Gauge To Mm Images

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6 Popular Magnet Wire Gauge To Mm Images - For winding custom coils, or very pleasant-pitch transform, we usually attain for magnet twine. Magnet twine could be very very thin (0.1mm diameter!) Copper cord with a very skinny layer of insulation. It's used for various electronics, hacking and making packages. Commonly those are used for winding transformers, inductors, motor or solenoid coils, speakers, tough disk head actuators, electromagnets, pickups, amongst other matters. But, this cord is also truely proper for if you have to do pcb restore, jumper wires, or solder immediately to smt pads. Seller: neoarttrade (219) 96.6 , location: burgas , ships to: worldwide, object: 183341555368 some other copper magnet wire sizes: via weight: diameter30 grams80 grams130 grams220 grams310 grams460 grams940 grams1800 grams0.12 mm (36 awg gaude)~293 meters~782 meters~1271 meters~2151 meters~3030 meters~4497 meters~9189 meters~17595 meters0.17 mm (34 awg gaude)~146 meters~390 meters~634 meters~1073 meters~1512 meters~2244 meters~4585 meters~8780 meters0.2 mm (32 awg gaude)~106 meters~282 meters~458 meters~775 meters~1092 meters~1620 meters~3310 meters~6338 meters0.25 mm (30 awg gaude)~sixty eight meters~a hundred and eighty meters~293 meters~495 meters~698 meters~1036 meters~2117 meters~4054 meters0.28 mm (29 awg gaude)~50 meters~133 meters~217 meters~367 meters~517 meters~767 meters~1567 meters~3000 meters0.3 mm (28.Five awg gaude)~47 meters~125 meters~203 meters~344 meters~484 meters~719 meters~1469 meters~2813 meters0.32 mm (28 awg gaude)~forty four meters~118 meters~191 meters~324 meters~456 meters~676 meters~1382 meters~2647 meters0.36 mm (27 awg gaude)~31 meters~eighty two meters~133 meters~226 meters~318 meters~472 meters~964 meters~1846 meters0.4 mm (26 awg gaude)~25 meters~67 meters~108 meters~183 meters~258 meters~383 meters~783 meters~1500 meters0.Forty five mm (25 awg gaude)~21 meters~fifty five meters~90 meters~152 meters~214 meters~317 meters~648 meters~1241 meters0.Five mm (24 awg gaude)~17 meters~forty five meters~seventy three meters~124 meters~a hundred seventy five meters~260 meters~531 meters~1017 meters0.55 mm (23 awg gaude)~30 meters~eighty meters~one hundred thirty meters~220 meters~310 meters~460 meters~940 meters~1800 meters0.6 mm (22 awg gaude)~12 meters~31 meters~50 meters~85 meters~119 meters~177 meters~362 meters~692 meters0.7 mm (21 awg gaude)~9 meters~23 meters~37 meters~63 meters~89 meters~131 meters~269 meters~514 meters0.8 mm (20 awg gaude)~6 meters~17 meters~28 meters~forty eight meters~sixty seven meters~ninety nine meters~203 meters~389 meters0.Nine mm (19 awg gaude)~five meters~14 meters~22 meters~38 meters~fifty three meters~seventy nine meters~162 meters~309 meters1 mm (18 awg gaude)~four meters~11 meters~18 meters~30 meters~forty two meters~sixty three meters~128 meters~245 meters1.18 mm (17 awg gaude)~3 meters~8 meters~thirteen meters~21 meters~30 meters~45 meters~92 meters~176 meters1.3 mm (16 awg gaude)~three meters~7 meters~eleven meters~18 meters~26 meters~38 meters~78 meters~one hundred fifty meters1.6 mm (14 awg gaude)~2 meters~4 meters~7 meters~12 meters~17 meters~25 meters~fifty two meters~99 meters1.Eight mm (thirteen awg gaude)~1 meters~3 meters~5 meters~9 meters~thirteen meters~19 meters~39 meters~75 meters copper wire houses: polyester or polyesterimide overcoated with polyamide-imide insulation enamelled spherical copper wire, magnificence 2 hundred over coat :polyamide-imide base coat: polyester or polyester-imide conductor: copper ul record wide variety: e255643 technical homes standards mechanical iec en 60317 - 13 elongation >1,three x iec fee nema mw 35 c mandrel test 1 x diameter - no crack tse ts en 60317 - thirteen resistance to abrasion >2,5 x iec cost availability thermal zero,05 - five,00 mm. Thermal index 210 °c 4 - 44 awg heat surprise > 240 °c cut through > 360 °c packages chemical cars, hermetic cars resistance to solvents 6h refrigerant and compressor motors resistance to refrigerants very good automobile alternators resistance to transformer oil very good torroidal coils solenoids dry-type transformers homes electric suitable for excessive velocity winding. Breakdown voltage >1,5 x iec cost remarkable dielectric overall performance conductivity (m/ωmm2) >fifty eight,5 advanced chemical and moisture resistance pinhole free superior thermal overload protection excessive mechanical and thermal houses circumstance: new , brand: elsan , mpn: does now not apply , twine gauge (awg): 24 , u . S . Of manufacture: turkey see extra.