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7 Practical Liebert Thermostat Wiring Diagram Images

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Liebert Thermostat Wiring Diagram - Air-cooled systems—capacities and dimensionsfigure 8 dimensions—air-cooled systems, popular ambient outdoor condensing module fan rotation 53" removable (right) panel counteclockwise (1343mm) for get right of entry to to refrigeration issue (left side) right air dischargeleft airintake 36-1/4" shaded place suggests (918mm) a minimum clearance o 18" (457mm) for proper air go with the flow shaded region suggests c18" shaded area indicatesa minimal clearance of (457mm) a minimum clearance of18" (457mm) for proper removable the front panel 24" (610mm) for component air waft for get entry to to high-voltage get right of entry to and removal and coffee-voltage connections dpn000130 and to refrigeration additives rev. 1table 5 weights for wellknown ambient outdoor condensing modules, air-cooled systems model # weight, lb (kg) 351 (159)60hz 50hzpfh067a-l pfh066a-lliebert® mini-mate2™ 15.

Model number nomenclature—all systemsfigure 21 air-cooled structures—out of doors prop fan condensing devices pfh = prop fan condensing unit w/hgbp 0 = fashionable sound level z = quiet-line nominal potential, kbtuh pfh zero 67 a - a l 7 a = air-cooled unit 7 = r-407c refrigerant - = fashionable coil l = 95°f (35°c) ambient liebert lee-temp™ c = coated coil h = one zero five°f (41°c) ambient liebert lee-temp a = 460v – 3ph-60hz b = 575v – 3ph-60hz y = 208/230v – 3ph-60hz m = 380/415v – 3ph-50hzfigure 22 water/glycol-cooled systems—indoor condensing gadgets m = liebert mini-mate2™ c = condensing unit d = disconnect transfer 0 = no disconnect transfer nominal potential (kbtuh) m c d sixty nine w 2 a h 7 w = water/glycol-cooled unit 7 = r-407c refrigerant 2 = 2-manner std. Pressure valve h = hot gas skip three = three-way std. Stress valve d = 2-way high stress valve a = 460v – 3ph-60hz t = 3-way excessive pressure valve b = 575v – 3ph-60hz y = 208/230v – 3ph-60hz m = 380/415v – 3ph-50hzliebert® mini-mate2™ 35.

Non-obligatory manufacturing unit-mounted functions - evaporator/chilled water units3.Eight optionally available configurations—chilled water gadgets chilled water devices also are available with the subsequent valve alternatives: • three-manner, sluggish-close, motorized chilled water valve rated for 300 psi (2068kpa) running pressure. Valve is non-spring return. ?? -manner modulating chilled water valve, rated for 400psi (2758kpa) working stress, 72psi (496kpa) close-off score. Valve is non-spring return. ?? 3-manner modulating chilled water valve, rated for 400psi (2758kpa) working pressure. Valve is non-spring go back. 6 liebert® mini-mate2™.