how to wire a 3 way switch to an existing switch 3, Outlet Wiring Diagram Copy Trying To Rewire An Existing Stuning 6 Most How To Wire, Way Switch To An Existing Switch Collections

6 Most How To Wire, Way Switch To An Existing Switch Collections

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Most How To Wire, Way Switch To An Existing Switch Collections - I bought a house and the basement changed into gutted and i am seeking to rewire the 3 manner activate the basement stairs, despite the fact that i cannot locate any diagram that comes near the existing wiring that is setup.

In case you wire it like this and it doesn't work, then there might be some thing wrong with the 3-twine cable, disconnect everything from the 3-twine and test all of the wires for continuity. Ensure all of the twine-nut connections are tight - that is where i have the maximum problem in my house.

Imagine junction box 2 did no longer exist. Move again into in paint, choose the white brush and dispose of everything relating to junction field 2 such as the three wires. That seems like a common two-transfer configuration the use of two 3-manner switches and the lamp within the center. You need to have located that on any of your web searches. Black and pink are the messengers, and the white from junction box 1 is the now not impartial, but switched "warm" (which have to be marked as such with a band of black electric tape close to every stop, but nevermind that) coming back from the farther transfer to the lamp. The white from the primary switch to the lamp is the real impartial.

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Edit: so after reading extra up on 3 way switches i might imagine i know how they at the beginning stressed out it although, i simply haven't visible any diagrams accomplished this manner. It seems like they exceeded the two traveller lines through the primary mild after which to the second one switch then the energy could be coming from the second transfer to the other lighting fixtures. No longer certain if that is accurate however maybe someone can shed some mild on it as i have never visible it done like this. What i've is a light transfer on the top of the steps that has power getting into it. From that transfer it then has a 3 wire going for walks up to a mild above the switch, which has by no means worked on the grounds that i bought the house.