how to wire two fluorescent lights to one switch Lithonia Lighting, Season 4, 2-Light Grey T8 Strip Fluorescent Shop Light 12 Popular How To Wire, Fluorescent Lights To, Switch Collections

12 Popular How To Wire, Fluorescent Lights To, Switch Collections

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How To Wire, Fluorescent Lights To, Switch - These ballasts burn out all the time. I got bored with constantly changing the furniture, so i determined to update the ballasts with excessive great ones. I've changed more of those ballasts than i'm able to do not forget, but i've now not changed any of the fluorescent bulbs considering that i switched to t8. T8 tubes are greater green and feature a protracted existence.

Lol wow no 5000v is a stretch, the best time there can be 5000v is whilst you switch on and off that handiest with a wound ballast. 5000v could now not be gift whilst the use of a digital ballast. If some thing for a 240 volt wire wound ballast fluorescent mild fitting there could be much less than 120volt across the filament of the fluorescent lamp. You'll get 5000v in a neon tube show or a television tube.

Complete the wiring by means of connecting the black wires together and white wires together. The replacement ballast doesn't use a floor wire, but there ought to already be a floor cord attached to the fixture housing from the manufacturing facility. Tuck all of the wires up so they're within the fixture housing so they might not be pinched whilst you reinstall the shade.

Answered my very own query.... Checked the authentic fixture that i replaced the ballast on and determined a wire nut that was simply loose enough to allow the circuit to be damaged as soon as the wires were given warm. All is normal now.

On the opposite quit of the fixture one socket is wired with blue wires and the other socket is stressed out with crimson wires. Each pink socket wires want to be linked to one of the blue ballast wires, and each blue socket wires want to be connected to the ultimate blue ballast cord. The materials you need are the brand new ballast. I've selected is strengthen rel -2p32-sc due to the fact i found it cheap on ebay. I am the use of 2 32watt t8 tubes according to fixture. This particular ballast is discontinued, but enhance sells more moderen kind ballasts together with icn-2p32-n that deploy the identical way. The main things to search for are voltage (probably one hundred twenty volt if that is in your private home), range of tubes the ballast will light (likely 2), the form of tubes you may be the use of (probable t8. I opt to use t8 due to the fact they're more efficient than t12 and t8 will begin in bloodless climate) and the wattage of the tubes you'll be the usage of (probable 32 watt) small wire nuts. A pointed sheet metallic screw screwdriver 1/4" nut driver wire stripper.