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11 Nice How To Wire A Light Mirror Collections

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Wiring Diagram, Bathroom Mirror Best Of Ceiling, Light Switch Rh Joescablecar, Bathroom Decorating Ideas Mirror Bathroom Decorating Ideas Mirror - To connect the frame you first want to pre mark the holes for where you will drill the holes for the nailing the pinnacle board to the body. The frame board is 1'' so i measure in from the brink half of inch and drew a line in from the brink. I marked holes 3 inches aside. Before pre drilling the holes i glued the frame to the top board and put wieghts on it to keep it collectively. Once the glued dryed i pre-drilled holes for the nails. Then nailed in the nails in which i marked the pre-drilled holes.

Cordless drill drill here round noticed may want to use other saws too jig saw jig saw for specialty cuts completing sander instance here hammer i by no means new there have been such a lot of varieties of hammers directly facet measuring makes all the difference ruler having unique length rulers tape measure having a good one in every of theses makes a distinction pencil i like to use drafting pencils 1 1/2 inch drill bit this is for cutting holes for light bulbs.

Attaching the mirror. I glued the mirror first and then i delivered 4 replicate clips to help secure it. The size of the mirror i used was 21 inches by means of 24 inches. This become a fun project to make, found out some things making this mission. I'm hoping in case you pick out to make a arrogance mirror this will be helpful for you.

Mounting to mount the electric boxes i used plastic boxes. You put them within the pre-cut holes in order that the container is flush with pinnacle of the pinnacle board. I had to use metallic "l" brackets to mount theses to the lower back of the board. Then i hooked up the vanity bar strips using screws. Wiring to twine the vanity i started with a 3 prong plug. I reduce off the end and had the 3 wires popping out. There is a blue green and brown. Blue - nuetral green/yellow - ground brown- stay i related these to the primary plug. Then from the primary plug i have wires going to the second one plug, and from the second plug going to the switch. From the switch i've the arrogance bars hooked up. I related all of the vanity bars collectively.