how to wire a light fixture to a plug Converting Hard Wired Sconces to Plug In, Jaime Costiglio 10 Best How To Wire A Light Fixture To A Plug Collections

10 Best How To Wire A Light Fixture To A Plug Collections

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10 Best How To Wire A Light Fixture To A Plug Collections - Step :  cast off the girl give up of the extension wire the usage of cord cutters. The female stop is the plug in aspect…where every other plug is inserted. ?(now you already know why its known as woman lol). I want to covert my hard-wired pendant light fixture to some thing that can be plugged into the wall as our new apartment isn't always wired to direct-wire ceiling furniture. I already wired some other (antique) fixture that simplest had black and white wires. However with this fixture i've got a 3rd inexperienced cord popping out of the wiring package deal (further to the uncovered copper grounding wire).

Step three:  drill three holes. ?the center hole is in which the wires from the light fixture will go through. ?the two aspect holes are the screw holes wherein the mild could be set up to the metallic mount and wall unit (bookcase). Step four:  strip the wire casing off the extension twine exposing approximately a half of inch of wire. ?my extension cord had the 2 distinctive wires encased one at a time (as proven above). ?i without a doubt reduce the wire down the center approximately 1 inch the used my hands to pry the two wires apart some other 2-three inches. ?then i stripped each wire in my opinion.

My light fixture had 2 wires, one black and one white twine.? typically in case you are wiring a normal fixture you suit the black to black wires and white to white… however in this case my extension wire came with white wrapped wires so i didn’t have that colour guidance. ?maintain the ends of the matching wires collectively so they may be parallel and then twist them clockwise using your hands. Step : mark the screw holes on the wall or unit you'll be mounting the light too. ?make certain your screw holes are stage beforehand of time. ?the usage of a level i drew a line where i desired my mild to hold and marked my screw holes therefore.

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