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Honeywell Wireless Thermostat Y6630D Wiring Diagram Fantastic Gfci Internal Wiring Diagram Best Gfci Breaker Wiring Diagram Book Wiring Diagram, Gfci Breaker Photos

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Honeywell Wireless Thermostat Y6630D Wiring Diagram - 8 appendix nine. Appendix nine.1. Help with problems trouble cause remedy teach-in failed batteries insert the batteries inserted effectively. Incorrectly radio connection failure do away with interference sources (metal, wireless devices). Correct set up web page. Repeat the educate-in weee directive 2002/ninety six/ec waste electric and electronic equipment directive at the give up of the product life eliminate the packaging and product in a corresponding recycling centre. Do now not eliminate the unit with the usual home refuse. Do no longer burn the product. Hc60ng does no longer react to set factor changes on hcw eighty after train-in pink led is on and green led is flashing as soon as every 3 sec crimson led of the hc60ng is on hc60ng and hcw eighty not bound teach-in procedure incorrect/ incomplete role of hcw 80 incorrect conversation loss rf sign blocked batteries of hcw eighty exhausted reset hc60ng. Comply with the teach-in method as described in phase 3.3. Repeat the train-in. Repeat the teach-in preserving approx. 1 m distance between hcw eighty and hc60ng. Relocate the hcw eighty (see phase 3.2 ). Replace batteries in hcw eighty (see segment 8 ) technical statistics batteries 1.Five v, type lr06, aa frequency mhz (transmitter) running temperature 0 c to 50 c garage temperature 20 c to 70 c humidity five to 90 relative humidity 9.Three. Tool and characteristic definition in accordance with en motive of the tool is temperature controlling device fulfils safety magnificence 1, en independently installable digital manage system with constant installation sort of motion is type 1.8 temperature of ball thrust hardness test for housing additives seventy five c and for live elements together with, for instance, terminals 125 c emc emitted interference check at 230 v, 50 hz maximum pollution severity is two rated voltage is 4000 v (similar to overvoltage category iii) software elegance is a eight.

7 conversation loss if the wireless conversation is not a success optimise the location of the hcw80. The take a look at mode is terminated routinely after five min. The take a look at mode also can be terminated by casting off the batteries or by means of pressing the teachin button. 5. Conversation loss while the rf communique is misplaced for a length of 1 h, the crimson led of the relay module hc60ng flashes at 2.Five sec on/2.5 sec off to signify that no rf messages had been obtained over the last hour. Whilst rf communique is re-set up the relay module hc60ng will mechanically return to normal operation mode. See chapter 9 assist with troubles for viable motive and hassle solving. 6. Factory reset of relay module hc60ng maintain the button of the hc60ng pressed for at least 15 sec. The resetting become a hit whilst the red led flashes swiftly (1/9 on/off). After the manufacturing unit reset the bounded hcw80 will be lost. See segment three.Three educate-in (unmarried gadgets only) for brand new bounding. 7. Particular functions of the room unit hcw operation the room set factor temperature can be set without difficulty at the set point adjuster by an adjustment dial. The adjustment variety quantities from 10 c to 30 c which include the frost safety setting * (5 c). The red led can be switched on for 4 sec if the deviation among the set point and the room temperature is >1 c or <1 c. Respectively the relay module hc60ng can be switched on or off proscribing the adjustment variety you may restrict the adjustment variety that may be used on the adjustment dial. Remove the housing cover (see fig. 9, web page 5). Fig. 14: limiting the adjustment range location the 2 small pins into the holes of the adjustment dials in order to limit the adjustment variety (see fig. 14). Orientate yourself on the basis of the internal scale: in fig. 14, the pins are inserted in order that the adjustment dial can most effective be adjusted within the range of nineteen c to frost protection * (decrease restriction) and 19 c to 30 c (higher restriction) around the value 19 c. Turn the adjustment dial clockwise until it stops. Check whether or not the adjustment dial is inside the function proven in fig. Thirteen. If suitable, put the adjustment back in, rotated through 180 until it has the location shown. Flip the adjustment dial to position zero. Place the housing cover in role above and snap it down (see fig. 12, page 6) constant control parameters the subsequent parameters can be used for the manage: parameter manufacturing facility putting remark minimum on time 1 minute minimum energy up time inside the cycle cycle price 6 cycles in step with hour pulse width modulation in step with hour eight. Converting batteries trade the batteries if the crimson led of the room unit hcw eighty flashes and the device is not in test mode. Cast off the housing cowl of the hcw eighty (see fig. Nine, page 5). Dispose of the batteries. Disposal of the batteries in keeping with the local statutory necessities and now not with the used home refuse. Fig. 13: room unit hcw 80 (settings on the scale in c) select the favored trade of the preset temperature at the adjustment dial (see fig. 13). Continually replace both batteries collectively. Best use 1.5 v batteries of the sort lr06, aa. Insert the batteries with the right polarity into the battery compartment (see fig. 10, page five). Vicinity the housing cover on at the pinnacle and latch it in downwards (see fig. 12, web page 6). 7.