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14 New Electrical Wire White Black Copper Collections

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14 New Electrical Wire White Black Copper Collections - We've pulled out a cupboard and found purple and black twine out of the wall. Would really like to put a light up however the fittings at the light requires 3. Can it's put up with 2 or need to we cover up the wires?.

Have lines from the wall = white, purple, black and from cook top= purple, black and inexperienced. Do i join pink to pink, black to black, cap the white and join the inexperienced to the junction field?.

Looking to replace my kitchen light. The pendant mild i bought has clear wires. Neither one has some thing specific about them, and they're no longer marked. I examine that one will be ribbed, but it's not. Both smooth and both installed the equal way to the bulb base. No difference by any means. If i take a danger and reverse the wires, will it just no longer paintings, or will it purpose a fire?? Please help.

I've three white wires, a purple wire and the 3 dark gray wires (clipped together with the aid of a copper field) coming from the ceiling outlet field. Obviously the white wires cross collectively, however where do i attach the black cord and bare ground cord from my new light fixture?.

I have a switch outlet on seperate circuits (one lobby and one educate lighting). I want to region a timer at the instruct lights. The antique timer switch outlet wires had one pigtailed black and red, one white and a unmarried black. The timer has a black (warm), white (load) and inexperienced (floor). I linked the timers hot (black) to the opening warm (black/purple) and the load (white) to the white and the inexperienced to the unmarried black assuming it is a floor (notice: this unmarried black did not mild up my meter when checked with the nuteral (white) so assuming it changed into a floor (no longer hot). Am i wiring this correctly? I did get energy to the transfer but it might fast turn on/off and then after i waited a chunk (transfer has a load delay) it'd do the identical element.