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8 Most Electrical Outlet Installation Instructions Galleries

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Leviton 15, 125-Volt AFCI/GFCI Dual Function Outlet, White - Metallic junction containers and outlet containers must be grounded. (Observe: plastic electrical boxes do no longer require grounding.) I should have installed the #10 inexperienced ground screw and 14 gauge ground cord when making the ground cord pigtail connections earlier, but i was centered on wiring the outlet & switch and inadvertently ignored this crucial step. The correction is simple with twine nut pigtail connections:. You’ll want to determine if the attic lighting and electrical outlet are at the identical circuit breaker along side how many different lights & retailers are that same breaker. Subsequent add up the total load in watts for the entirety plugged into the alternative retailers then estimate the burden for what you assume to have plugged inside the new attic master bedroom (television, lamps, pc, ceiling fan, transportable heater, iron, blow dryer, and so on.).

The road-facet nm-b 14/2 wires are fed thru the 3/8″ nm cable clamp into the junction field, the box is placed several inches decrease on the 2×4 framing by using attic stairway to offer at least 6 inches of wires in the box, that's determined with the aid of the length of the “short” floor wire. The junction box bracket is fixed to the two×4 framing with two pan-head timber screws. I trimmed the hot (black) and white (neutral) wires to an same duration with the naked copper floor wire, stripped about three/four inch of insulation from the ends, then tightened the two screws on the nm cable clamp to at ease the cable to the junction field. The nm cable clamp additionally protects the nm-b 14/2 cable from nicks through the pointy metals edges of the junction box knockouts.

After completing the junction field wiring connections, mount the electric outlet and mild transfer to the exposed paintings cover as proven inside the preceding assignment. Then gently fold the wires into the junction container in order not to kink or pinch the wires. The exposed paintings cowl can be established to the junction box now, however i left it open until i verify the receptacle wiring, mild switch and switch managed outlet mounted at the rafter collar tie… just in case i made mistake and had to accurate the wiring.