copper electrical wire turns black Ceiling, wiring w/ 3 black, 3 white, 1 red,, 2 bare copper wires 7 Simple Copper Electrical Wire Turns Black Images

7 Simple Copper Electrical Wire Turns Black Images

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Copper Electrical Wire Turns Black - Now join the white lead of the fan to the 2 connected white wires (these are neutral). Connect the bare copper to the inexperienced w/ yellow stripe. At this factor the fan might work however don't strive it with out the blades attached (should damage the fan motor) and don't positioned them on but due to the fact you still have greater wires to connect for the outdoor fan and the blades might be inside the way. If you want you could put the blades on and take a look at the indoor fan, then take off one blade to offer yourself room to make the in addition connections. However at this factor i assume there are only two wires now not no longer linked the red and a black going to the outdoor fan. Connect those wires to take switch warm to the outdoor fan.

Adequate the wires inside the transfer box are all hot or switched hot (plus the bare gnd). The white wire on this box goes to both switches (can see but suppose so) and so is the usually hot. (So don't assume it's miles a neutral; there may be no impartial inside the transfer container.) The black and the crimson are switched hots for the fan and light. Outlet 1 has 2 four-twine cables getting into the container. The two black wires are every individually linked to the copper side. The two crimson wires are connected to the pinnacle silver screws and the two white wires are related to the lowest silver screws. Floor wire in area. The tab is damaged on the silver connector facet. The use of a fluke voltalert each black and purple wires are ringing hot irrespective of transfer position.

You have determined the black wire at the left is the line warm, and it appears this need to be connected to the lone white (repurposed as warm) subsequent to it. This incorporates the road warm to both switches. (That white does connect with both switches, right?) Inside the same cable as this white a black comes from one transfer and a pink from the opposite comes from the alternative. Pick one (say the black) and join it to the black and the blue leads of the indoor fan. A switch now controls the recent to the indoor fan.