automotive a/c wiring diagram Repair Guides, Heating, Ventilation &, Conditioning (2004), A 14 Perfect Automotive, Wiring Diagram Ideas

14 Perfect Automotive, Wiring Diagram Ideas

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Repair Guides, Heating, Ventilation &, Conditioning (2004), A - Locate the compressor snatch relay and dispose of it from its socket. Connect the poor meter cause battery terrible terminal. Probe the relay socket terminals to hit upon battery power at terminals 2 & 3. In case you don’t see battery voltage on both terminals, test the fuses and wiring to the relay. If you have battery strength on both terminals, connect the superb cause terminal 3 and the terrible result in terminal 4. You must see battery voltage. In case you don’t, the pcm isn’t supplying floor to the relay manage coil, flow to step three.

The pcm will now not provide floor to the compressor relay if the system is low on refrigerant or the stress inside the machine is too high due to a blocked condenser, bad orifice tube or tmx valve. Find the low stress and excessive stress switches. With meter nevertheless set on dc volts, disconnect the electric connector at the low pressure switch. Join the fantastic result in one terminal and the terrible cause the other terminal. Begin the engine and flip the a/c to max. Look for voltage on one of the two terminals (5). If you see volts, meaning the pcm is supplying energy. Do the same check at the excessive strain switch five). Of electricity is gift at both switches, behavior a continuity check across the transfer contacts step four.

With the meter set at ohms, join one meter cause one terminal (5) on the low pressure transfer and the other cause the alternative terminal (7) on the switch. If the switch is closed, the refrigerant degree is ideal and also you’ll get an ohms reading. If the pressure is simply too low, the transfer may be open and also you’ll get an limitless analyzing between five & 7. In that case, upload refrigerant. Do now not vicinity a jumper throughout the low pressure transfer in other to start the compressor. Refrigerant carries oil to lubricate the compressor. Walking the compressor while it’s low on fee can starve the compressor of oil, destroying it in the procedure.

The spacing among the compressor seize disc and the pulley need to be precise. That is known as the air hole. If the distance is simply too wide, the electromagnet gained’t have the ability to pull the grasp disc in with sufficient pressure to mate with the pulley. The best way to diagnose compressor grab air gap is with a feeler hole. See this post to examine extra approximately ac compressor snatch air hole. This post also gives statistics on ac compressor clutches.