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2, Switch Wiring Diagram Light Wiring, 28 Images -, Way Light Switch Wiring 3 - So it’s no longer not possible that you manifest to have a transfer that up that might be adapted by way of replacing most effective one of the devices. However it’s now not commonplace within the america to have that setup.

Hi all, new to smartthings, but not new to electric work. Question is this…if i've a three-way circuit with two (currently dumb) switches, after i make the circuit “clever” do i ought to update each switches with a smartthings well matched switch or simply one of them? Thank you earlier.

The only exception to that is if you most effective have a three-way installation ( switches, one mild fixture) and you are the usage of an inside the wall micro on the fixture, and that micro is ready take care of enter switches. Lots of them are. In this situation, there might be physical vacationer wires going from the dumb wall transfer to the micro at the light.

I simply complex it further and used the third visitor and earth to extend from a separate 3 manner circuit giving me the potential to switch the downstairs (hallway) light off from upstairs. Previously it changed into simply the upstairs (landing light) that became switched from each up and down.

Edit: before all people tells me off for having a secondary switch and not using a earth; the transfer wires on a fibaro dimmer 2 function at low voltage (approximately 3v). As long as there aren't any other 240v circuits in secondary vicinity you gained’t have a problem. In case you’re now not certain approximately this or any of the above don’t try it. In case you are the usage of the ge/jasco switches, each transfer in an n-manner setup wishes to be particularly designed to speak with the master, this means that one master controlling the load to the light fixture and as @jhamstead noted, one add on transfer of an identical version for each of the alternative switch positions. It's miles regular in the us that a 3-manner is stressed out in a sort of discern eight sample where flipping one toggle transfer closes its loop and cuts out the alternative transfer. Which can’t be executed with network switches because the radio inside the switch wishes to continually have strength so that it could listen the following “on” command.