18 gauge stainless steel jewelry wire 18-gauge Dark Annealed (Bend, Stay) Wire, 1/4-pound Spool (WIRE 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Jewelry Wire Nice 18-Gauge Dark Annealed (Bend, Stay) Wire, 1/4-Pound Spool (WIRE Pictures

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Jewelry Wire Nice 18-Gauge Dark Annealed (Bend, Stay) Wire, 1/4-Pound Spool (WIRE Pictures

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Top 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Jewelry Wire Images - I don’t locate very tons beneficial data. Can you deliver me a few thoughts or inform me your opinion? I have been trying to promote off some or most of the wire , but as quickly as the customer finds out the gauge they do not want. Help danyiel.

Hello shelly, if it comes on a spool, it might be useless soft. (If half of difficult is put on a spool, it might hazard kinking and be difficult to paintings with) you in reality need to use half of hard twine for ear wires. You may strive hammering the ear wires you have to cause them to useable.

I take advantage of 22 ga square and half of-spherical for wrapping pendants most of the time, every now and then 24 ga for small dainty stones or cabs. I'd use 22 ga round half-tough for earwires, however i’m just as probable to use 20 ga. Other than that i rarely use whatever smaller than 20 ga, and i choose 16 and 18 ga for most of my work. For bracelets and bangles i may additionally even go to 10 ga, specifically in copper and brass.

Thanks for this very helpful statistics. I am only a newbie in cord wrapping. My old flame is chain maille, and i've been the usage of leap rings from walmart (my daughter works there so i get her to use her discount), but the packaging doesn’t say what gauge the wire is. I need to use colored wire and bought some 20 gauge however it appeared too thin. Going to attempt the 18 gauge and spot if this is more to my liking. I like making my very own findings as a good deal as i really like to make the jewellery. Going back to read your article on temper. Thanks once more, you’ve definitely helped me distinctly.

I have attempted the use of 20ga spherical copper for handmade ear wires. It seems to flimsy & tender, so i order my copper ear wires. But i certain want i should lead them to. What am i doing incorrect? The spool doesn’t say what temper it's miles. I am a newbie.