14 gauge titanium wire ... Titanium Wire (Surgical Grade, 52 Reviews. Gauge 13 Perfect 14 Gauge Titanium Wire Galleries

13 Perfect 14 Gauge Titanium Wire Galleries

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14 Gauge Titanium Wire - I just couldn’t get my brand new twine from unkamen to run in tc. I don’t recognize what the hassle is with the twine, but it won’t run in tc mode. I ordered a new cord from a special supplier, now i’m bib (back in enterprise).

I have breathed more tio2 in 1 day on a ordinary foundation than you’re ever gonna get from that tiny iota from firing coils. I like to think of myself as an professional of the effects of tio2 after 30 years of running with it… and i suggest nostril hairs are white with tio2. We simply blow it out and go. If it turned into horrific accept as true with me they might make us fit up. In my 30 years i’m sure i've dealt with well over a hundred tons through my hands. That small amount wouldn’t even check in on a scale until it went -.0000 but to every his own.

, i agree with. You spot it loads when looking on amazon… if you have a very good jewelers loupe or a few different shape of magnification you would possibly see if the center suggests as a specific shade.

A bit more than a month ago i restocked my 22g ti cord from unkamen. This isn't the identical ti cord i were given on my first order. It’s softer and none my mods recognize this as ti. I'm able to’t set it up in tc mode both. Even my 6 wrap, 2.Five identification build is now ohming out at .11 - .14… no deep water. I’m thinking if every body else is using this twine and are you having any troubles?.

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It’s non-magnetic. I’m effing stumped. I’ve tried three one-of-a-kind csv documents and 4 unique tanks… none will run in tc with this twine. I have a few new cord coming subsequent week. Thank you for the assist and recommendations.